Venus Square Jupiter Emotions, Personality & Behaviors
  • Some astrologers consider Venus Square Jupiter to be one of the best square aspects for a person to have in their natal chart because, despite the several associated difficulties, it is believed these difficulties are generally easier to overcome or they do not result in as much negative consequences or life experiences as other square aspects.
  • While there are many positive benefits when Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, is square Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion, growth, abundance, and wisdom, there can also be some downsides to this aspect.
  • You are likely very charismatic and charming and you master this art of charming others as you mature - people can seem to just gravitate towards you especially when it comes to having fun, feeling good, or being entertained.
    • The caveat to this however, is that you must remember that eventually, your charisma or charm will only get you so far and eventually, hard work, discipline, effort, and consistency will be necessary in certain aspects of your life and especially when it comes to maintaining relationships and connections with people who know you well or have known you for a long time.
  • You likely have a very fun-loving nature with a lifelong desire for finding ways to enjoy yourself and surround yourself with other like-minded people.
    • While your love of enjoying yourself and “having a good time when you’re having a fun time” nature is a positive quality that can help you see the more positive sides of life and endear you to others, it can create a lot of challenges and conflicts in your life as you may struggle to find a balance between your enjoyable, fun pastimes vs. prioritizing “boring” or tedious things like keeping track of your finances, prioritizing your work or family obligations, or fulfilling your responsibilities and duties.
    • In fact, at times, some people can accuse you of shunning your responsibilities or shirking your work in order to have fun and enjoy yourself.
  • You can have a tendency to always want to have fun no matter how old you are and this might mean that you would rather go out for nights on the town rather than having a cozy but uneventful night in. For example:
    • You might want to constantly socialize with your friends and other people, go out partying, go to clubs/bars frequently,
    • you could want to have a jet setting lifestyle in which you go traveling often and frequently go on vacations, etc.
  • You can become very easily bored and restless when forced to do things you do not love or enjoy.
  • You can struggle with concentrating and focusing on things that you do not enjoy such as your schoolwork, routine or monotonous tasks, or boring responsibilities you are forced to do.
  • There is a abundance of creative energy, artistry, and love of art within you, around you, or in the people you are connected to. The arts can range from anything form of art including drama, acting, theater, comedy, music, creative writing, painting, sculpture, arts and crafts, artisanal crafts, etc. You likely adore anything creative or artistic.
  • One of the biggest challenges of this aspect is the tendency to overindulge and overspend to the point of excess unless you take step to keep yourself under control and maintain self awareness of your habits.
    • This tendency towards the excess can lead you to have all sorts of complications with your profession, reputation, social life, marriage/relationships, and finances.
    • Figure out if there are any boundaries in some aspect of your that you should set for yourself if you are experiencing any issues or hardships in that aspect.
      • For example, you might have to set firm boundaries with yourself about your spending habits if you find that you are spending so much that it is causing issues in your life or relationships.
  • This aspect can cause to overspend and inflate your desire for Venusian things such as shopping, luxury or brand name items, fashion, makeup, going on vacations or trips, romantic dates and getaways, partying, self-care, entertainment, and anything else you deem pleasurable or enjoyable.
  • You can struggle in roles or when pursuing goals that require you put your nose to the grindstone and work hard without any of the reprieve of having a fun time like going on vacations or partying or having fun - such as pursuing rigorous education or years of schooling even though you can be intelligent enough to handle the work, working in jobs that track your productivity, jobs that require an exacting and rigorous nature or long hours on the job, etc.
  • You can struggle with tasks/roles in which you have no choice but to put in endless hard work and due diligence rather than coast by on your charms, popularity, charisma and ability to influence others to help you out.
  • The thought of a joyless existence where you live to work and work to live, such as spending all your free time studying or working at a corporate job, can really suck the life out of your soul. You can be capable of grinding hard and putting in a vast amount of energy and effort into accomplishing your goals or work when it matters to you but usually it is because you want the wealthy lifestyle, luxuries, social status, access to romantic partners, parties, vacations, hobbies, etc. that
  • Be warned that a lack of consistent self-discipline over time can cause difficulties for you in fulfilling some important and necessary duties and responsibilities in your life. Your possible lack of self-discipline can cause issues for you in your career, job, your personal life, or when it comes to you fulfilling other serious, boring, or routine tasks and responsibilities in your life.
    • You can feel bored or avoid taking on too many responsibilities or doing things that feel like work (i.e. tasks you must do rather than things you want to do).
  • You can delight in travelling to foreign countries, meeting new people and meeting people from different cultures/religions/walks of life than you, and discovering different ways of life.
  • You likely are very fortunate and can experience a lot of lucky moments and situations, especially via your connection and relationships with other people.
  • You can struggle to practice moderation financially and your wallet and finances can take a heavy hit and suffer from your lack of moderation especially due to your spending habits when it comes to your pursuit for pleasure, fun, joy, excitement, socialization, and adventure.
  • The catchphrase “More is More” can really resonate with you as this aspect gives you a love for the excess.
  • You can have a tendency to be excessively indulgent or self-indulgent, which is “characterized by doing or tending to do exactly what one wants, especially when this involves pleasure or idleness.”
  • You can sometimes be downright lazy due to your love of self indulgence and thus come off as wanting to avoiding laborious tasks or chores or you could be guilty of delegating/pawning off these tasks to other people rather than doing them yourself.
  • You likely enjoy lazing around or languishing whenever you have the opportunity - such as taking your time getting out of bed, taking long baths and showers during which you relax and destress, you can enjoy having lazy mornings during which you leisurely go through your self care routines, etc.
  • You can struggle with time management and keeping track of the time, the amount of time it takes for you to do something, your schedule, appointments, and deadlines - you could be often be late to appointments or schedules, make others wait for you, take a very long time to do certain things you like despite not having the time, miscalculate the amount of time a task might take you, etc.
    • A possible cause of time management mishaps could be due to the Venus Square Jupiter person procrastinating on doing what needs to be done or being rushed and harried.
    • They might loathe being rushed, especially if it means sacrificing their physical appearance, sense of style, or indulging in their creature comforts. Thus, their lateness can sometimes be due to the Venus Square Jupiter person trying to improve their appearance or style - interestingly enough, some female celebs with natal Venus Square Jupiter in their natal chart would show up late to scheduled events due to them spending too much time on styling their hair exactly how they like it to be.
    • Be careful not to let showing up late become a habit and something you often do as it can not only get you in trouble in your career or education or other tasks that require your timing/scheduling to be exact (such as financial or legal matters like paying the bills on time or showing up on time for court appearances, etc.), but being chronically late is a sign of not respecting the other person’s time (depending on the culture in which you live in).
Venus Square Jupiter Love & Relationships
  • You can struggle to settle down in long term or committed relationships because you might either always look for the next new adventure or fun, sexy encounter or you might attract romantic partners who struggle to settle down because of this reason.
  • It can be difficult for you to remain committed to your romantic interests for a long period of time past the honeymoon stage, unless there are other stronger indications of commitment in your synastry chart with your lovers.
  • You are attracted to romantic partners and lovers who are exciting and fun i.e. a lover you can have a good time with and enjoy yourself with freely rather than lovers who are responsible, boring, and put a damper on your plans for fun and partying.
  • You also enjoy lovers who you can enjoy going on adventures with, lovers who enjoy traveling or going on vacations, lovers who help you indulge in life’s pleasures and joys, hedonistic lovers or lovers who allow you to live a life of hedonism, lovers you can have an active social life with, etc.
  • Your desire to want to have fun no matter what stage of your life you are in can lead to conflicts within your romantic relationships. For example:
    • Initially, your fun loving nature might pose no issues in your romantic relationships as your lover can enjoy having fun adventures with you but after a couple of years, your lover could start to prefer having cozy but uneventful night at home watching Netflix while you might still want to have nights on the town or go on adventures.
  • Beware of the potential tendency for you to lovebomb others or for you yourself to become a victim of lovebombing. Lovebombing can occur at the start of a relationship or right when you first meet someone and have not yet had a chance to observe them and their actions over a long period of time. Technically, lovebombing is a form of emotional manipulation and it is when a person says and does things that can sweep the other person off their feet. Some examples of lovebombing include the following (keep in mind the following behaviors are fine if you have been in a relationship or friendship with someone for a long period of time - it can be an issue or sign of lovebombing if these things are done when you meet someone for the first time and barely know them such as on the first date):
    • excessive flattery and praise,
    • over the top declarations of their love for you or big displays of affection such as declaring you are their soulmate or their best friend before even truly getting to know you,
    • early and intense talks about your future together or making promises you cannot keep,
    • going above and beyond to do favors for you or give you gifts,
    • etc.
Venus Square Jupiter Childhood & Family Dynamics
  • You could have been spoiled as a child OR you could have experienced not being able to get all the things you wanted as a child due to your family experiencing financial hardships or having frugal/strict parents and thus once you become an adult, you have a desire to make up for your childhood and buy yourself things you never got as a child or indulge in buying yourself whatever you want, unlike when you were a child and didn't have the ability to buy yourself whatever you wanted.
Case Studies of Celebrities & People with Venus Square Jupiter
  • Princess Margaret, the younger sister and only sibling of Queen Elizabeth II of England, had Venus Square Jupiter in her natal chart and the effects of this aspect showed in her life as she was famed for her lavish and extravagant lifestyle.
    • “Princess Margaret started every day with lazy morning and breakfast in bed - unlike Queen…She had a luxurious—and ridiculous--morning routine. It started with breakfast in bed at 9:00 a.m., “followed by two hours in bed listening to the radio, reading the newspapers (which she invariably left scattered over the floor), and chain-smoking,” according to Craig Brown’s book, Ma’am Darling. Then, at 12:30, it was time for a vodka pick-me-up." - [Source]
    • She struggled with overindulgence in her vices like this aspect’s natal natives have a tendency to struggle with. She loved to smoke and drink so much that according to Craig Brown’s book, Ma’am Darling, she “tried to combine the smoking and drinking by gluing matchboxes onto tumblers, so she could strike matches while drinking.”
    • She lived an extravagant lifestyle, like Venus Square Jupiter natives are wont to do. For example, her six-week honeymoon cost $115,000 in 1960 ($1,192,837.50 USD in 2023 when adjusted for inflation). In 1995, she took $10,000 ($20,132.85 adjusted for inflation) worth of clothing for a weeklong trip overseas. She once demanded a motorcycle escort for a 30 minute trip. Her spending habits on lavish trips and vacations even provoked outrage as demonstrated by a New York Times headline from 1978, “Princess Margaret’s Way of Life Provokes Protests”. - [Source]
    • Margaret could be unfathomably late. A tale from Love From Nancy: The Letters of Nancy Mitford: “Dinner was at 8:30 and at 8:30 Princess Margaret’s hairdresser arrived, so we waited for hours while he concocted a ghastly coiffure.”
    • She displayed a love of art and also an inability to tolerate things that bored her: “She is restless; spasmodic —though often intense—in her interests; easily bored…She devours magazines, modish books, delights in fashionable West End musical comedies, ‘good’ jazz and the latest semi‐intellectual cultural interests from America. There is a certain brittle superficiality about her mind, an inability to concentrate for long which sometimes disturbs her elders.” - [Source]
Advice for People with Venus Square Jupiter
  • Embrace your creativity and use it to motivate you in your daily life by finding ways to inject fun, humor, and imagination into your work and responsibilities to make them more enjoyable.
  • Embrace your creativity and use it to motivate you in your daily life by finding ways to inject fun, humor, and imagination into your work and responsibilities to make them more enjoyable.
  • If you struggle with self-discipline, try to define some non-negotiable boundaries for yourself and your life and how you interact with others and then practice your self-discipline by enforcing these boundaries and sticking to them.
  • Find ways to reward yourself in a reasonable manner in order to help motivate and encourage yourself whenever you have boring or unpleasant work/responsibilities you must endure. For example, only allow yourself to go on a shopping spree as a reward for fulfilling an obligation or task you were dreading.
  • Learn to be more considerate of other people’s time, energy, priorities and lives - it can sometimes be easy for people with this natal aspect to lose sight of how their actions or their desires inconvenience or disrespects other people’s boundaries or schedules.
Venus Square Jupiter Playlist

Songs that can describe the experiences of people with Venus Square Jupiter in their natal chart:
  1. Song 2 by Blur
  2. Glamorous by Fergie
  3. Bounce by Logic
  4. I Don't Want It At All by Kim Petras

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