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Emotions, Behaviors & Relationships Characterized by Venus Conjunct Venus Synastry Aspect
  • If you have a Venus Conjunct Venus Synastry Aspect with another person, make sure that both of your natal Venuses are located in the SAME zodiac sign (this website deals with sidereal astrology positions only so check out this link to find out how to find your sidereal astrological birth chart).
    • Sometimes you can have a conjunction synastry aspect between planets that are in different signs and thus, in that case, the following descriptions of this synastry aspect will most likely NOT be fully accurate.
  • This synastry aspect is often indicative of both people being able to develop strong attraction and mutual understanding between and the other person, though this might not always be instanteous but could develop over the course of a conversation or longer interaction with one another.
  • Most likely, you both express yourselves very similarly when communicating or interacting with others, tend to have similar values, tend to enjoy/desire/love similar things, tend to have similar views or desires when it comes to love and relationships, etc.
    • For example, if you both have Venus in Libra then both of you are likely considerate or fair when dealing with others, you both likely value good manners and politeness when dealing with strangers/acquaintances, you both are probably very charming and use flattery when interacting with people you want to impress, you both probably value beauty and physical appearance in all forms and thus will put an effort into appearing beautiful and well put together physically when trying to impress your crush, etc.
  • This synastry aspect increases the likelihood of you guys being naturally compatible in a relationship or friendship with each other, as long as the other synastry/natal aspects in your chart are not too stressful and/or do not negatively interact with each other’s natal placements. For example, if you have Venus Conjunct Venus synastry aspect with someone but one of you guys has a difficult natal aspect that makes relationships of all kinds difficult (such as Venus Square Saturn natal aspect) or some of your other synastry aspects with each other are negative or stressul (such as Mars Square Pluto synastry), then you guys might find that a lot of the positive aspects of Venus Conjunct Venus synastry aspect might not be enough to sustain the relationship longterm or make this synastry aspect compelling enough to form a relationship/friendship with one another.
  • You can find that how you guys express and receive love are similar to each other and you can find that you guys have similar love languages or similar expectations on how people should interact with one another in relationships. However, there can be some nuances or caveats to this when you consider your own natal aspects and placements.
    • For example, if both of you guys have Venus in Gemini but one of you guys has Venus Conjunct Saturn in your natal chart while the other person has Venus Conjunct Mars in theirs then although both of your love languages could include Words of Affirmation, the Venus Conjunct Saturn person could prioritize a more tangible/practical love language as their main love language, such as Acts of Service or Receiving/Giving Gifts, while the Venus Conjunct Mars person could prioritize Physical Touch as their main love language.
  • You can find that you each instinctively and intuitively know how to make each other feel loved, respected, desired, or valued.
  • You guys likely have similar opinions and viewpoints on love and relationships in general. For example, if you have a Venus Conjunct Venus synastry aspect with someone and:
    • If you both have Venus in Sagittarius then you both likely want a relationship with someone that will help you grow and enrich your life with wisdom and spiritually meaningful adventures and you both likely believe that love/commitment should allow people the space and freedom to be happy and pursue their values and mental/spiritual beliefs.
    • If you both have Venus in Libra then you both likely want a lover who is considerate of your needs and a lover that is physically attractive and refined in their manners and social graces and you both likely believe that relationships should be fair and equal to both parties and that good communication is crucial in a relationship.
    • etc.
  • This synastry aspect is a great placement for romantic relationships and especially for friendships because once you get to know each other, you can find that you both can easily get along with one another, have similar likes and dislikes, and interact with each other in a way that makes both people feel validated, valued, and understood.
  • Since Venus is the planet associated with beauty in all forms, you both likely have similar tastes, perceptions, and opinions on what you find beautiful, tasteful or physically attractive. For example:
    • you may like the same style of clothing, fashion, styling, makeup and features for yourself and on people you find to be romantically/sexually attractive,
    • you can find the similar kinds of art, decor, design, architecture, locations, etc. to be aesthetically pleasing and beautiful,
    • you might find that you both have similar opinions on what you find tacky, ugly, garish, or unappealing,
    • you can find that the aesthetics that one of you values and finds beautiful is reflected outwardly by the other person,
    • etc.
  • Once you get to know each other, you can very quickly feel at home with each other and instantly feel comfortable dealing and interacting with one another even if you are not that close or did not know each other for too long.
  • The downside to this synastry aspect that for some couples, they might start to lose the spark and chemistry in their relationship because they start to stop challenging each other in their relationship in order to keep the peace or because they fear upsetting the other person.
  • Another downside to this aspect is that if one or both of you have sinister intentions towards each other or lack integrity, it can make it easy for you guys to manipulate each other or deceive each other since you will likely have an innate knowledge on what the other person wants, values, or would easily fall for.
Advice for Dealing with Venus Conjunct Venus Synastry Aspect
  • Keep in mind that some conflict and differences/disagreements is actually not a bad thing in relationships, especially in romantic relationships because dealing with someone who has different views than you can actually force you to grow, evolve and mature as a person. Thus, don’t feel too pressured to always be in agreement with each other or to suppress the likes/dislikes, traits, opinions, values that you are most genuinely in alignment with even if you know it might not be appealing to the other person or even offend the other person when you have this synastry aspect.
  • The generic advice to "treat others how you want to be treated" actually applies very well in this synastry aspect since you both likely love and hate similar behaviors and things. When in doubt as to what the other person would want or how to communicate with them (such as after an argument), ask yourself what you would want and often times (unless you guys have very big differences in your natal charts), you can find that it will work well with the other person you have this synastry aspect with.
Case Studies of Celebrities & People with Venus Conjunct Venus Synastry Aspect
  • Ray’s note: coming soon - check back in a couple of weeks.
Venus Conjunct Venus Synastry Playlist

Songs that can describe the experiences of people with Venus Conjunct Venus Synastry aspect with another person:
  1. Friends by LAUNDRY DAY
  2. Feels Like Home by Bea Miller, Jessie Reyez
  3. Perfect Day by Lou Reed
  4. Imperfect Girl by ThxSoMch, thekid.ACE

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