Moon Conjunct North Node / Moon Opposite South Node Emotions, Personality & Behaviors
  • Your emotions are a guiding force in your life however in your earlier years, it can be very difficult for you to use your emotions as a guiding force and to discern and trust what you are being guided to do.
  • People with this aspect can have a lot of trouble with their focus and concentration. Some with this aspect can receive an ADHD diagnosis.
    • You can struggle with what is called "monkey mind", which is Buddhist concept that describes a state of restlessness, capriciousness, and lack of control in one's thoughts.
    • You can become very easily distracted because your brain is unable to filter through your thoughts and the external stimuli it receives in order to discern what is important and what is trivial. You can then end up focusing on too many things and thus you can end up with many half finished projects, thoughts, and tasks.
      • For example, you might be in the middle of cooking and suddenly your phone alarm goes off in the other room and as you go to retrieve your phone, yet another thing distracts you like a pile of dirty laundry on the floor and on and on it goes. Finally, having forgotten that you were originally in the middle of cooking, the fire alarm suddenly goes off and you realize you left the stove and burned your meal.
  • This aspect can make it difficult for you to present in the moment and focus on what is going on around you right this present moment since you might spend too much time ruminating on the past or worrying about the future - thus, learning to be present and finding the tasks or activities or techniques that allow you to be fully present and immersed in the moment as it’s unfolding can prove to be a lifelong struggle for you but one that can lead to a lot of success and emotional peace if you are able to master.
  • You can struggle with controlling your thoughts and often have unwanted intrusive thoughts. If this is the case, try to do meditations to clear your Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Zeal Chakra - even 1 minute can prove to be beneficial to you and you can use free reiki or guided meditation videos related to clearing or healing these chakras on Youtube.
  • Sometimes reality can prove to be disappointing compared to what you imagined or fantasized it could be and thus you can have a tendency to daydream and escape into your fantasies or assume a distorted view of reality/delusional belief in order avoid being confronted by the pain and disappointment of a harsh or disappointing reality.
    • As a result of this trait, you can use various forms of escapism, avoidance, dissociation, denial, fantasizing, self deception, or self delusions in order to avoid the painful feelings that you might feel if you were to confront events in real life that do not go according to the version of events in your head/expectations.
  • Unfortunately, for some people with this aspect, there is a risk of you becoming addict to substances especially if you have harsh negative aspects such as harsh Neptunian aspects (which I have often seen in the natal charts of various addicts) in your birth chart.

    Thus, some people can become dependent on various substances or addicted to abusing prescription medications, including things like smoking/vaping cigarettes or weed, alcohol, stimulants like Adderall, c*caine, m*th, prescription medication like opioids for pain pills, etc.

    If you are experiencing addiction to substances, it can be your attempts to self-medicate or self-soothe in order to handle the intensity of your emotions, to manage your subconscious thoughts/beliefs and to handle the demands of your life in order to be function without descending into depression, unproductivity, or anxiety. For example:
    • Some people with this aspect might become addicted to stimulants like Adderall or c*caine in order to handle the daily grind or rigours of their career or education or even harder substances like m*th in order to recreate the neurochemistry they experienced during their childhoods if they grew up in a very stressful home environment because even if it induces negative emotions like anxiety or paranoia, their subconscious mind still feels comfortable or more used to when their mind and bodies are in physiological unrest.
    • Others with this aspect might become potheads/addicted to smoking weed, vaping nicotine in order to cope with the worry, anxiety/social anxiety, depression, persistent negative thoughts, lack of direction, or stress of their daily lives.
    • Though you can have inherent, intuitive athletic abilities and athletic prowess, you can be prone to being easily injured (frequently or easily experiences sports injuries like sprains, strains, and breaking bones, etc.).
Moon Conjunct North Node / Moon Opposite South Node Love & Relationships
  • There is a possibility that when you are aligned to your life path, the people you encounter in whatever environment you are in tend to be kind and helpful towards you or you are able to emotionally connect with them - that is because your North Node aligns you with your life path and since your Moon influences your emotional connections with others, being in alignment with your life purpose/destiny can lead to more positive emotional connections and encounters with others.
    • If the people around you are unkind or you are unable to form meaningful relationships, you are likely not aligned to the correct life path/destiny.
  • You can cord very easily to other people, your mental and emotional aura (which normally would protect your mind and emotions from the thoughts, emotions and energies of other people) can be porous, weak and/or easily breached by the emotions, thoughts, and energies of others.
Moon Conjunct North Node / Moon Opposite South Node Childhood & Family Dynamics
  • There is a possibility that for some people with this aspect (unless they have other highly beneficial placements and aspects in their natal charts that counteract their natal Moon Conjunct Rahu) that unbeknownst to them, their mother, father, or both parents might actually secretly be an enemy. Thus intentionally or unintentionally, one or both of your parents can cause you a lot of emotional and mental turmoil, stress, depression, mental burdens, anxiety, fear, sadness, discouragement, paranoia, pain, etc.
  • You could have a mother that is sometimes emotionally (or in other ways) neglectful of you while simultaneously being emotionally overbearing or overly dependent on you.
Moon Conjunct North Node / Moon Opposite South Node in Vedic Astrology
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Case Studies & Celebrities with Moon Conjunct North Node / Moon Opposite South Node
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Advice for People with Moon Conjunct North Node / Moon Opposite South Node
  • Meditation can prove to be an invaluable tool for you in order for you to stabilize your thoughts and so you can learn to find peace, mental calmness, or contentment in your present moment or during moments of extreme emotional distress or mental confusion.
    • If you struggle with meditation, start by challenging yourself to meditate in silence (by silencing your thoughts and curbing your emotions) for just 1 minute - close your eyes, slow down your breathing, and you can count to 60 in your mind if that helps you in focusing on something.

      Once you master 1 minute, you can try to increase the amount of time you spend meditating (ideally you can see great benefits if you can manage to meditate in silence for over 7 minutes per day).
    • You can also try out Guided Meditation videos (Youtube has many free guided meditation videos) and apps, such as Insight Timer, Wake Up, or Headspace.
    • I also recommend meditating with Reiki tracks (you can find many free Reiki videos on Youtube).
Moon Conjunct North Node / Moon Opposite South Node Playlist

Songs that can describe the experiences of people with Moon Conjunct North Node in their natal chart:
  1. (Rock) Superstar by Cypress Hill
  2. Voices in My Head by SBTRKT
  3. Feels by Kiiara
  4. YKWIM by Yot Club

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