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Emotions, Behaviors & Relationships That Characterize Moon Conjunct Moon Synastry Aspect
  • If you have a Moon Conjunct Moon Synastry Aspect with someone else, first make sure that both of your natal Moons are located in the SAME zodiac sign (this website deals with only sidereal astrology positions so check out this link to find out how to find your sidereal astrology birth chart).
    • Sometimes you can have a conjunction synastry aspect between planets that are in different signs and in that case, the following descriptions of this synastry aspect will most likely NOT be fully accurate.
  • This aspect signifies that both of you guys have very similar emotional needs, similar ways of processing emotions, similar emotional reactions to certain things and behaviors, similar ways of viewing the world, similar personality traits, etc.
  • This synastry aspect allows for people to feel effortlessly comfortable and at ease with each other and conversation and interactions can flow smoothly as you both can understand each other's emotions, needs, and nature instinctively and easily, since they often mirror your own. For example:
    • If you and your partner have your Moons in Sagittarius and have Moon conjunct Moon synastry, then you both likely have similar emotional needs such as the need for emotional freedom and independence, you both enjoy expanding your mind by exploring different cultures or exploring unfamiliar topics/places, have similar expectations of being able to have the space and freedom in relationships to do your own things, and you both will have similar values such as valuing brutal honesty even if it might offend others or ruffle other people's feathers, takings risks even though it might disturb your current level of security/the status quo, chase after your goals but also be adaptable enough to pivot when you get bored of the chase, being deeply interested in philosophy, spirituality and/or religious pursuits, etc.
  • This aspect allows you guys to have a intuitive understanding of one another and just "get" each other and understand where the other person is coming from.
  • You guys can instantly get along with each other and so this is a synastry placement often seen between close friends.
  • This aspect can make it easier for you to unconditionally accept each other for who you are and to offer unconditional acceptance or understanding to each othr.
  • This synastry aspect indicates the ability for you to empathize with each other - meaning you both can put yourselves in the other person's shoes and see things from their perspective and get why they feel or think the way they do.
  • The sense of closeness this synastry aspect can cause is also due to both people feeling emotionally safe or secure around each other because they can share their thoughts, opinions, experiences and emotions freely and be understood by the other person rather than get judged, criticized, or ridiculed.
  • You guys can react to events and situations in very similar manners and have very similar feelings, opinions, and thoughts on various topics or people.
  • This synastry aspect makes it easy for you guys to open up to each other and speak your mind freely with one another even if one or both of you are normally reserved or secretive.
  • Spending time with one another and hanging out with each other can prove to be a comfortable, chill, and easy going experience.
  • This synastry aspect signifies that you both are emotionally aligned with each other but if other aspects and placements in your natal charts and other synastry aspects are too contradictory then you can still find yourself not being in perfect alignment in other ways even though you guys intuitively understand each other's feelings and emotional needs.
  • The negative side to this aspect can be that you guys can reflect each other's negative traits or behaviors or behave in such similar ways that the relationship fizzles out or cannot be sustainable.
    • For example, if you both have Moon Conjunct Moon in Aries synastry and you both have the negative manifestations of Aries then you guys might both be too impulsive, reckless, selfish/narcisstic, combative, easily angered, and impatient to ever make it possible to make a relationship or friendship between you guys work out longterm.
  • Because you both are so similar, for some people, this synastry aspect can lead to the relationship becoming too boring or predictable and thus, the sparks or chemistry that arises when there are differences/conflicts that keeps things interesting is not present in the relationship or fizzles out over time.
Advice for Dealing with Moon Conjunct Moon Synastry
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Case Studies of Celebrities & People with Moon Conjunct Moon Synastry Aspect
  • The following are some of the ways that people with this synastry aspect with someone else described their experiences with the other person and their relationship:
    • "I have this aspect with a business partner and though I wouldn't describe us being psychic, I can often read her like a book in the same way she can read me. We rarely have any misunderstandings because we are almost always on the same page when it comes to what our goals and priorities are."
    • "I have this aspect with my best friend and we legit finish each other's sentences. She just gets me and sometimes it feels like we have a telepathic bond - we can just give each other a look and instantly know what the other person is thinking. We both get annoyed by the same kinds of people, want the same kinds of things in life.

      Who we are on the outside is very different but who we are on the inside is the same if that makes any sense. What I mean is even though our personalities and how we present ourselves to the world is different, if you were to truly get to know us, you would realize that how we feel and think about a lot of things and the stuff we both value is pretty much the same.

      For example, she is a friendly extrovert who loves talking to strangers and who will do things last minute and is very impulsive and I am a very private introvert who is very quiet, methodical and careful. However, she and I are both extremely independent and asking others for help, neither of our mothers were around when we were kids so we both made sacrifices to help take care of our siblings, we both get annoyed by people who are illogical or overly sensitive and emotional, we both value brutal honesty rather than being lied to even if the truth is painful, we both want to start our own businesses and become self employed, neither of us will ever hesitate to call out rude people to their faces or put bullies in their places, so on and so forth."
Moon Conjunct Moon Synastry Playlist

Songs that can describe the experiences of people with Moon Conjunct Moon Synastry aspect with another person:
  1. Garden (Say It Like Dat) by SZA
  3. Would You Understand by 3LAU, Carly Paige
  4. World Falls Apart by Dash Berlin, Jonathan Mendelsohn

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